What are the Types of Cannabis Concentrates and Extracts


Concentrates include the desirable parts of the plant - chemical compounds like cannabinoids, aromas, flavors – but don’t include the undesirable parts like leaves or stems.  Concentrates are usually made with mechanical processes with the use of CO2, but without heat, pressure or any solvents.  Concentrates are an umbrella term which includes all extracts.   While all cannabis extracts are concentrates, not all concentrates are extracts.


Extracts are concentrates – that include the desirable parts of the plant – made through the use of CO2, heat, pressure and a solvent which is usually an alcohol.  Extraction techniques make use of the aid of solvents to strip the trichomes away from the unused parts of the plant.

Types of Concentrates

Butane Hash Oil is an umbrella term used for different products lkie shatter, wax and crumble.  It’s made by passing butane through the plant material.  Proper consumption of BHO requires a specially designed dab rig or a vaporizer.

Live Resin, a type of BHO is a highly sought after type of cannabis concentrate.  It preserves terpenes and flavor of the plant.  It is made by instant freezing of the plant after harvest, rather than curing them.  It’s consumed with a dab rig or vaporizer.

Kief consists of the trichomes that dry and fall off the plant.  One of the oldest cannabis products, it can be collected in a variety of different ways – like placing on a silk screen and pounding.  The collected kief is then made into hashish, which are discs or balls of cannabis pollen – another potent form of cannabis product.

Cannabis tinctures are another type of extract made through alcohol extraction.   Tinctures are taken sublingually with drops or sprayed.  They act faster than edibles because they don’t need to pass through the digestive tract.





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