What are Hemp Building Materials and Their Qualities?

Hemp Hurds and Fibres

The cellulose core of hemp stalk is broken into pieces through a mechanical process.  Fibres are seperated, and remaining parts are broken into small pieces called hurds.  Hurds are very absorbent and let water vapor out very fast. 

The Skin of the Hemp stalks have long and very strong fibres.  They are suitable for insulation materials, sealing compression joints and reinforcements.

Hempcrete and Uses

Hempcrete is made of Hemp hurds and lime, clay or other materials.  

  • Hempcrete can be cast around a framework for insulation and heat storage for households. This is an easy application which requires little training and simple tools.  When hempcrete is used to surround a timber framework, it provides additional strength to the structure.  Its flexibility gives resilience to the building, making it a valuable resource in earthquake zones.   Buildings with concrete or steel can be improved with hempcrete walls, floors and roofs.  They will provide comfort, thermal insulation and better acoustic properties.
  • Hempcrete can be sprayed on walls as well, reducing installation times and requiring less water.
  • Hempcrete can be made into construction blocks that can be used in the same way as modern building blocks. They have inherent insulation and moisture management properties.
  • Hempcrete and hemp fibre can be combined to produce panels. This can be used to envelope buildings with a time-efficient procedure, providing insulation.

Qualities of Hempcrete

Hempcrete is carbon negative.  It’s insulation properties reduce energy consumption.  It’s an excellent choice for the environment.  

Hemp absorbs up to 2 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of dry material.  Hempcrete literally absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere during its lifetime.  Combining this with the reduced energy need, hempcrete is an excellent choice.

Hempcrete is fire resistant.  And its fire resistance quality becomes stronger as it ages.  It doesnt produce flames when burnt, and neither does it produce poisonous gases.

Hempcrete is an excellent choice for moisture management.  You can avoid the sick building syndrome caused by fungus.

& Hemp Fibres

Hemp fibres are a good replacement for mineral fibres.  They can absorb moisture well and don’t compress over time.  Being natural, they have no harmful effect on the atmosphere during installation and lifetime of the material.



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