What is the difference between Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp Seed oil and Hemp oil sound similar but they are two different things.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is the oil extracted from hemp seeds, with little or no THC or CBD.  It is popular for having various health benefits.

It helps with hormone balance, preventing cancer and heart disease.  It assists with weight loss.  Due to the GLA content, it naturally suppresses apetite and prevents sugar cravings.  Hemp seed oil has numerous health benefits, but they revolve around fatty acids and other compounds rather than CBD and THC often associated with health benefits of the cannabis plant.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is mainly used for its CBD content and is made from the mature plant itself.  Hemp oil is used for pain relief, anxiety reduction, cancer, insomnia and inflammation (for which more research is needed for scientific proof.)

The human Endocannabinoid system is involved in regulation body functions like sleep, apetite, pain and the immune system.  CBD affects receptors and helps alleviate chronic pain; helps social anxiety disorder, and alleviated cancer related symptoms like nausea and pain.

Production of Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp oil

Hemp seed oil contains only trace amounts of CBD or THC.  It is easier to produce and easier to get passed the legal barriers regarding THC.  Hemp seed oil will be nearly the same content wherever you buy it.  Whereas for Hemp oil, the concentration and quality is important.  Hemp oil needs to be produced from stalks of the plant.  Depending on how the plant was grown, it may be more or less healthy.  Organic farming, use of pesticides, contamination of soil and rainwater are all important for the quality of hemp oil.



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