One of the most effective ways to lose weight

This year is full of surprises, not all of them good ones. A global pandemic, mandatory quarantine, and economic downturn are having quite an impact on our moods and stress levels. To make ourselves feel just a little less anxious, we are turning to food for comfort. This means a lot of us have also put on some quarantine weight which is something we would all like to shed. While a healthy diet and exercise are certainly on the table, we can also rely on CBD for weight loss. 

CBD oil or Cannabidiol is already a very popular compound derived from Cannabis plants. It is already gaining international recognition as an effective remedy for various ailments. It comes in a variety of forms be it as a cream, lozenge or spray. This means you can use it to shed those extra pounds in whichever form fits you best.  

CBD has been used to help anxiety and is a natural pain reliever. Many studies show that it helps improve both physical and mental health. During these difficult times, we certainly need all the help to improve our health. When it comes to CBD oil and weight loss, science is still new, but the signs are very positive.  

There are three benefits of using CBD oil for weight loss.

Boosting your metabolism. CBD oil has been shown to boost your metabolism and reduce food intake. This happens because the oil works together with the chemicals in your brain to reduce your food cravings. So instead of finishing a full bag of chips or cookies, you’ll maybe have less. Studies on rats have shown that when injected with CBD oil, they had a significant drop in body weight. While we are still waiting for results from human studies, this is a very positive indicator for weight loss from CBD

Changing your fat composition. Our bodies are made of ‘white’ and ‘brown’ fat. White fat is the one you gain from overeating. It is the main culprit of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Brown fat is leaner and healthier. CBD oil can help you burn off the white fat that hangs off your body, helping to make you leaner and more toned. A recent study found CBD oil can in fact ‘brown’ white fat cells giving you that extra weight loss boost.

Reducing cholesterol levels. We are all too aware of the health problems being overweight brings, from chronic organ problems to many other different diseases. Too much weight can be very dangerous. CBD oil can help by working with the receptors in your brain to reduce the risk of you ever getting these diseases. A recent study found that CBD oil reduced the cholesterol of obese rats by 25 percent alone! 

We definitely need more studies to confirm what we already know about the benefits of CBD oil on weight loss. But preliminary studies show hopeful results. Coupled with a healthy diet and exercise, CBD oil can be a powerful aid in helping you get to a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. Try selecting transparent marketplaces to purchase it, where you can get an in-depth chemical breakdown of the different oils to best help you start your health journey.
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