What are Solventless Cannabis Extracts?

Solventless extracts are less potent, but the methods are much less dangerous compared to solvent extracts.  CO2 extraction methods are pricey and other solvent methods have their risks involved – like contamination and risks of explosion.  For home applications, solventless extracts are a better choice for many consumers.  Solventless cannabis concentrates are popular for medicinal marijuana users because they don’t contain any chemical solvent residues such as propate and butane.

Some of the products made with solventless extraction methods are kief, freeze-dried hash, water hash, bubble hash, hand-rolled hash, solventless shatter, budder and rosin.  Water, heat and a sieve are all you need.

Ice Water Hash

Using ice water is a totally safe method without any potentially harmful residues.  Ice water is mixed with plant material to colden the trichomes.  A series of bags is used to filter out the material.  The last bag with the finest material will contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids.  The sticky trichomes will stick together to form classic hash.


Kief is by breaking away white trichomes from the plant by grinding the plant’s resin glands.   The dried cannabis mateial is sifted by hand or with a machine.  Using a micron level screen, trichomes that detach from the plant are sifted and collected.  After collecting, kief can be consumed or processed into hash.


Rosin is made by applying heat and pressure to the plant in to extract the cannabinoid rich oils.  Terpenes evaporate when exposed to heat and pressure.  Among non-solvent products, rosin is one of the closest in potency to solvent based cannabis products.  Because of this, rosin is a popular extract among consumers.  It is significantly less expensive than solvent based products.




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