GETCBD is a transparent market place for CBD brands delivery which provides users the convenience of ordering CBD products with a single click.

 Why you should use us - consumers 

GETCBD will help you to order from genuine, verified CBD companies and avoid the risk of being approached (and possibly scammed) by fraudulent businesses, offering you peace of mind and convenience.

 For the health conscious, GETCBD provides a full breakdown of the chemical values of the different brands in one place, you to make better informed decisions for you and your family.

You’ll also see the full variety of CBD products by brand, giving you a wide range of choices to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

The best part is that GETCBD offers all the benefits of an app-driven society. Not only will you be able to give live feedback to your brand of choice, but once you have input your details you can place your order with a single click across a large variety of brands and their products.

Why you should use us – brands

GETCBD effectively offers brands of all sizes a marketing platform to better reach consumers. GETCBD will display all partner companies equally, giving lesser-known brands exposure to the consumer market they wouldn’t otherwise have. GETCBD will give brands access to the client database, giving brands the right information and the perfect platform for targeted promoted to a specific market demographic!

In markets as fast-paced as the UK, you can’t afford for customers to be unhappy with your product over a delayed period. The GETCBD app allows consumers to give brands live feedback, immediate data that helps brands address any major issues.